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Shannon Tribble Aitchison
  • Community Events

    Hike, Climb, Camp---Great Basin National Park
    7-17-18 6:00 pm - Deja Brew Laugh a Latte
    Milestone Hiking and Recreational Club

    • What we'll doThe Grey Cliffs Group Campsite Number C2/2, Loop C, has been secured for the Nights of July 16,17,18,and 19. There is room for 12 people. Cost is $10.00 per person. Wheeler Peak is the second highest peak in Nevada at 13,063...

    Weekly Real Estate Investor Coaching and Networking
    7-17-18 6:00 pm - Deja Brew Laugh a Latte
    Boise Investor Group

    *** NEW START TIME *** 9:00am *** The meeting is just past the lobby! Are you looking to start your week off right? Join us as we network with other Real Estate investors. Here are just some of the things we do at these events: * Get some new...

    Lets Talk Travel At Deja Brew!
    7-17-18 6:00 pm - Deja Brew Laugh a Latte
    International Travel and (future) Expats

    Let’s talk winter travel ideas at Deja Brew! They have a great menu that includes wine, beer, gourmet coffee, and delicious food! Deja Brew has outdoor and indoor seating.

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